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Tequila Tasting

In our Patrón Tequila Room, we will customize your experience by pairing each dish with selections from our expertly curated list of Patrón tequilas.

Patrón Tasting Experience

Enjoy an incredible food and drink collaboration that pairs Executive Chef Colin King’s authentic cuisine with Patrón’s handcrafted agave spirits. Each course will be prepared to perfectly complement the sophisticated and complex flavors of the ultra premium tequila.

From the Source

There are over 200 species of agave, the majority indigenous to Mexico. While many types of agave are used in creating mezcal, there is only one type that is used in the making of tequila, agave tequilana, also known as “blue agave.”

The List

Our staff will educate you on the ancient tequila making process that is still being used today to create each batch of tequila you will be tasting.

The tasting room experience is available for 6-12 guests and is priced at $190++ per person.

To book your tasting experience please get in touch.